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What is an EPC?


An Energy Performance Certificate provides information to prospective buyers or tenants on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of a building. It assigns an energy efficiency rating from letters A (most energy efficient) to G (least energy efficient). An EPC is required on sale or rental or upon construction.


An EPC is produced by an accredited Non Domestic Energy Assessor. The assessor would visit the property and gather information about envelope elements, openings, HVAC system and lighting. This information will be feed into approved software to generate the report.


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Why should I hire you?


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How long it takes to have my EPC?


Although I can guarantee a turnaround of 48 hours, I usually complete my reports in less than 24 hours.


If you are in a hurry, just let me know and in most of the cases, we can arrange something quick.


How much does an EPC costs?


The time and resources necessary to undertake an EPC succesfully vary widely depending on the case.


Before I can give you a quote, I would need to know the size of the property, the location, the complexity of the HVAC system installed and other details.


In order that you have an idea, a small shop of 300 square feet with only a convector installed can be done for £120 and an office block of 20000 square feet with a HVAC system using an Air Handling Unit to service all offices has a cost of £600.


How can you assure I will have a valid and accurate EPC?


Not only I am accredited and qualified as Non Domestic Energy Assessor, but I have a Physics Degree and Master in Renewable Energy.


You can find my details at the governmental Non Domestic Energy Performance Register looking for EPC Level 4 under the name Miguel Garcia.  


I keep up to date with the last conventions studying the technical bulletins and related governmental policies, so I can provide impartial advice.


Besides, I have a good relationship with different certification bodies, which are responsible to provide support and monitoring the work of individual assessors.


What can I expect when dealing with you?


I am clear, honest and specific with the information I provide, and I only ask for the information I strictly need for the production of the certificate.


You can count on my discretion and respect at all times.


I send emails and sms regularly according to your preferences to provide relevant updates, so you can track your order.


Can I find further advice with my EPC?


I can provide further advice if requested. For example I can provide guidance about the increase of the rating after installing energy efficiency measures, how to adapt to the Private Rented Sector Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, what kind of report you need for planning permission, etc.


Are you able to get things done in time?


Overall I keep in mind you are looking to have a valid EPC done in time. As evidence of my performance, I have produced to date more than 1200 EPCs, including buildings such as schools, offices, clinics, shops or industrial units.


Do you offer a one-size-fits-all solution?


The reasons to have an EPC vary widely. Maybe you are selling your property and you want to have the EPC as soon as possible at an affordable price without complications, or you could need an EPC for planning permission, or to have some ideas about how to improve the energy efficiency of your property. 


I am able to adapt to different requests. I can collect the keys from the local agents, dealing with tenants, etc.


Whatever your reasons are, I customise my approach so you can obtain what you expect



Are you serious about energy efficiency?


I am using an environmental approach difficult to reach for bigger organizations. I travel by bicycle (or public transport if too far away), I use renewable electricity at my home office and to power the website and I use recycled paper, but I am trying to use mostly electronic format.



Are you a big company?


I am trading as sole trader, so you can enjoy extra advantages.


You are cutting out the middleman, hence internal communication misunderstandings disappear.


When an EPC is produced, the person liable for it is only the assessor who created it, not the contracted company. Using a sole trader, you know who you are hiring and who you should deal with for all the issues related to the EPC, including invoicing, technical details, updates, etc.


Besides, you are sure to have a personal and tailored service.


Being sole trader does not mean you are unprotected. I have insurance for professional indemnity and public liability beyond the minimum requirements.

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Who we work with


My customers include, but are not limited to:


  • Small business owners.


  • Small Estate Agents.


  • Renewable Energy companies.


  • Architects.


  • Institutional investors.


  • Building Services consultants and Building contractors.


  • Facilities managers.


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How is the process


1. Quote: before offering a quote I will ask you the use of the property (office, retail, health, etc.), the size and the complexity of the HVAC system installed. 


2. Arrangement of the appointment: I usually have availability in the next 2-3 days (though often I am available the same day).


3. Visit: at the arranged time, I will introduce myself at the property with an ID card. During the visit, I will take measurements of the building, and I will take photographs and annotations of the HVAC system, lighting, floor, walls and ceiling consruction, Hot Water System and other relevant information.


4. Production of the report: after the visit, I will prepare the report at my office. I will be using approved software called SBEM. This stage is the most time consuming. The building is virtually divided into zones depending on the use and HVAC system installed. Dimensions and constructions details are entered for envelope elements. Technical details of building services are considered after researching in manufacturing literature. This includes information about the HVAC system, Hot Water System, lighting, renewable energy systems and ventilation. 


5. Delivery of the EPC: when the report is produced (usually in less than 24 hours, up to a maximum of 48 hours), I will send you a draft which looks like exactly the same as the final report, but it is not official yet. At this stage amendments can be made. Once you are satisfied with the report, I can make it official after receiving payment. You can make the payment by BACS, cash, cheque or card.


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This map shows the locations I have worked so far.



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