How we work

HouseWhatever service you require, The Energy Backyard has set up a method to achieve your goals with minimum hassle. 


Here, you can see how we work when you hire our services:




1. Quote: before offering a quote I will ask you the use of the property (office, retail, health, etc.), the size and the complexity of the HVAC system installed. 


2. Arrangement of the appointment: I usually have availability in the next 2-3 days (though often I am available the same day).


3. Visit: at the arranged time, I will introduce myself at the property with an ID card. During the visit, I will take measurements of the building, and I will take photographs and annotations of the HVAC system, lighting, floor, walls and ceiling consruction, Hot Water System and other relevant information.


4. Production of the report: after the visit, I will prepare the report at my office. I will be using approved software called SBEM. This stage is the most time consuming. The building is virtually divided into zones depending on the use and HVAC system installed. Dimensions and constructions details are entered for envelope elements. Technical details of building services are considered after researching in manufacturing literature. This includes information about the HVAC system, Hot Water System, lighting, renewable energy systems and ventilation. 


5. Delivery of the EPC: when the report is produced (usually in less than 24 hours, up to a maximum of 48 hours), I will send you a draft which looks like exactly the same as the final report, but it is not official yet. At this stage amendments can be made. Once you are satisfied with the report, I can make it official after receiving payment. You can make the payment by BACS, cash, cheque or card.


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You can have your EPC in 24 hours from the first contact.


1. Contact: at first you can contact us through a call or an email. I will ask you the size of the property, the location, your contact details and we can arrange an appointment. You can ask about any special requirements (i. e. collecting the keys from an Estate Agent). Then you will receive a confirmation email with information about the assessment process, what access is needed and what to expect.


2. Visit: at the arranged hour, I will visit your property with an ID card. Then I will explain what the survey implies and I will answer your questions. I will take measurements of the property and check walls, roof, floor, the heating system and other details. I will ask you access to the loft and the cylinder for hot water (if applicable). This is a non invasive inspection, so I will not need to test the equipment. I may need documentary evidence if a feature in the property is not accessible (i. e. if you have installed internal wall insulation and the internal wall has already been plastered). This step takes from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the size and complexity of the shape of the property.


3. Preparation of report and payment: when I have collected the information I will check with you the most important information. Then I will use approved software to generate the report. If you are happy with it, I will lodge it and send to you by email. At this moment, I will take the payment by cash, cheque or card and I will give you a receipt. Now you can start marketing your property!


If you are unable to be present during the visit, of if it is any better for you, I could invoice within 14 days. In this case, I could send you the draft EPC and invoice straight after the visit, and you can pay by BACS, card or cheque. Once I receive the payment I will lodge the report and send over to you by email. Besides, I will text you so you know when to expect it.



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