How we contribute to society

HouseAt The Energy Backyard we believe that companies and individuals have a social and environmental impact with their actions, and we will make our share to promote positive change.


Here you can see our main actions:


  • The Energy Backyard offers free advice for households at risk of fuel poverty. If you or some friend or relative is struggling to pay the energy bills, please, get in touch and we will provide advice, referrals to other organisations or a free visit according to the situation. On the top of that, Miguel has volunteered with Peabody Housing Association to provide energy advice for residents in risk of fuel poverty.


  • The Energy Backyard will travel using bicycle or public transport whenever possible, our website is powered by renewable energy, and our letters and flyers are printed in recycled paper. We reuse materials whenever possible and we deliver our reports in electronic format.


  • The Energy Backyard aims to invest part of their profits to fund a local charity which supports homeless people and a global charity which works in low income countries to empower local communities through energy installations.